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Burning The Agenda

When I started my journey as a coach, I dove into empowerment and wanted my clients to discover the power of their voice and the limitless opportunities they could channel from their new bad-ass being. While some caught on quickly, I noticed the majority were faking their way into this new existence. The theme that continued to emerge and required the most focus was self-love.

It suddenly dawned on me that I was not meeting my clients where they were; I was meeting them where I wanted them to be. As coaches we are taught to lose the agenda, so that is exactly what I did. Not only did I reconsider my entire business model, I tore it down and recreated a beautiful foundation built on self-love, self-trust, and self-care.

There were moments during the rebranding phase where I stepped into fear and worry; this ultimately taught me that my own foundation was cracked and needed some extra TLC. With self-love and trust, the pieces came together, and I found myself settling into the flow. In trusting the process, this beautiful vision emerged. I knew my main focus was to work with clients to build a foundation of self-love through coaching.

While connecting the self-care piece, I envisioned another level of coaching where we walked in nature, working through pain and rediscovering who we were before the world told us who to be. I spent a year dating myself, so I could discover what it truly meant to care for self in love. As this began to unfold, I surveyed my surroundings and recognized that much of my care routine involved creating an aesthetically pleasing environment for myself.

I checked in to see how I felt in certain spaces and felt a desire to help others do the same. At the peak of my lofty discovery, I envisioned an oasis where people could come to care for themselves in love. In the near future, I see a space to rent, a place you can journey to, clear your mind, care for yourself and live in joy for a few days, maybe even a week.

About The Author

As a certified core energy and self-love coach, Holly works with individuals to discover who they are at their core. She builds upon self-love, self-trust, and self-care rituals. By exploring the seven levels of energy and how they impact daily decision-making clients can make alternative choices that promote well-being. Get to know her and explore your options for working with Holly here.